A typical day off

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My brain was wired for second shift after too many years reeking of the garlic constantly simmering at the Italian restaurant where I worked. Friends brought me to my first job bussing tables. Soon I was running food and then managed the restaurant’s finances as cashier. When I was old enough to sell booze I graduated to waiter and started making real money.

Late nights

Friends brought me to work there, but the cash held me in thrall for a decade before my family had a need for health insurance. Side effects arose from my move from food service to healthcare; I made less money and second shift became first and turned my world over. My days started beginning at about 5:30 a.m., which was just a little later then than my days used to end.

Early mornings

I finally adjusted to the early mornings and now struggle to sleep past 7 a.m. I used to sleep until noon on my days off work. These days I never sleep past 9 in the morning and I often rise before sunrise and certainly before the rest of my family.
Most mornings you can find me in one of two places. I will either be seated at my desk in the office or relaxing on the couch in the living room with my MacBook comfortably in front of me in either environment. NetNewsWire or a TextMate file is usually what I’m focused on with some aural stimulation courtesy of Radio Paradise.
Julie is usually the next one out of bed. We have breakfast together and watch some TV (usually the latest NCIS or Criminal Minds) to finish waking ourselves before waking the kids. Then we move on to the rest of our day.

Dealing with it

I suppose I say all of that to say this. My clock is wired completely different than it used to be and I can’t sleep late. I was awake until 0100 this morning and still woke up at 0620. I forced myself to stay in bed until 0830 before I finally succumbed to morning and got out of bed.
It would be nice to sleep late sometimes, but I do have more time to get things done if I could just focus and start.