No more MobileMe

nomobileme.pngWe have paid for Apple’s MobileMe iPhone plan for two years now, but have decided to let our subscription expire in February.
MobileMe is a wonderful service. It’s dead simple to use and offers some exclusive features, but Julie and I find we mainly use e-mail and calendars. We already had free e-mail accounts I manage through Google Apps. Google Sync has come a long way, too, and we can now sync our calendars through Google Calendar (also part of Google Apps).
An iPhone app that I depend on is OmniFocus for iPhone and it’s usefulness depends on syncing with its desktop counterpart. Until today I used Apple’s iDisk for this service. Since that will expire in February as well I did some research and found Swissdisk, which is offering 50mb of free encrypted WebDAV space that is just perfect for empowering OmniFocus to work it’s syncing magic.
The one piece of functionality we are losing is the ability to track down your iPhone, which is extremely cool, but at $150 a year the 5-user MobileMe family plan wasn’t carrying its weight around here when you consider those existing free solutions.