Still kickin'

Sorry guys. I know it’s boring here. I don’t blame you if you’ve moved on, but I’m still kicking. I’ve had a ton of work projects on my mind lately and not a lot of time leftover for fun reading.

Go do some work!

Most of my reading has been from magazines. I did read Hugh MacLeod’s “Ignore Everybody,” which was an amazing read and hugely motivational for me.
Last night I bought and downloaded a dedicated blog editor, MarsEdit for Mac, and I love it! One of my hopes in buying it was to put some of the fun back into posting blogs. I’m also trying to kickstart some of my fictional writing. Gotta get the fingers moving again.
So much of my career has been firmly grounded in fact. Journalism and public relations help me produce a lot of writing but and some leeway allowing for creativity, but I haven’t been able to cut loose for a long long time and my brain struggles to work that way any more.
I’m trying to revive my imagination.
Hopefully, this will translate into finding more time to read for pleasure and more time to write for myself and for you. My hiatus was unintentional and regrettable.
We’ve gotten a lot of rainfall in northwest Georgia this year; enough to offset several years in a row of dry hot summers and water restrictions. I hope this post marks the end of a dry spell and the beginning of a more fruitful season of writing—for my sake as well as yours.