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xkcd – always a fave

This is why I look like a wizard when I work.

Whitman, Alabama

Really enjoying this…

I’m Progressive Now

I got my first pair of glasses nearly 10 years ago and remember seeing the world through new eyes. I’ll turn 45 this week and just got my third pair. This time I got progressive lenses; what old-timers would have called bifocals. These just don’t have the line across the lenses.

With the updated prescription, I am seeing the world through new eyes again. If you catch yourself squinting to read or find you need to hold things at arms length to make out the words, I recommend getting a checkup. It’s worth it to be able to see again!

This Land Is Your Land

On a cold, cloudy afternoon at a presidential inauguration, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger lead “This Land Is Your Land” from the steps of Lincoln Memorial.

The Declaration of Independence

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